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Training Philosophy

RSDR's training philosophy is to use reward based, science based and positive reinforcement methods and do not believe in using force with punishment. We are against using pain, discomfort, intimidation, chokers, pinch/prong or shock collars or leash corrections. We do not agree with dominance theory, pack theory or trainers that use compulsion & force methods.  Article on debunking the alpha dog theory

Trainers RSDR recommend: Dr Ian Dunbar, Zak George, Emily Larlham, Victoria Stilwell, Karen Pryor.

Trainers RSDR DO NOT recommend: Cesar Milan.


Free Ebooks

Before you get your Puppy by Dr Ian Dunbar

After you get your Puppy by Dr Ian Dunbar


Training Websites

Dog Star Daily   (Dr Ian Dunbar)

Dogmantics  (Emily Larlham)

Positively  (Victoria Stilwell)

Zak George


Diagrams / Posters - How to Guidelines

Diagrams / Posters - Press here