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About the Sponsor Program

The sponsor program is a a co-sponsor program where ALL the funds donated in this program, go towards feedings costs of ALL the animals at the shelter as well as towards the daily feeding runs RSDR have set up for animals living on the streets.   

Some of these animals have been so badly abused that they have trust issues and cannot be put up for adoption. These animals will stay with us for the rest of their lives. Other animals may be with us for several months before they are considered ready for adoption or are lucky enough to be offered forever homes. Lets not forget the dogs and cats that are still on the streets. Many of them are scared and hungry. We may not have room at the shelter for them all, but at least we can make sure that they have food on the streets in daily feeding runs. 

As a thank you for contributing monthly to the animals food costs, we ask you to choose which animals photo you would like to receive, and we will send you a photo of that animal to you each month.  If you can't decide we can choose for you!   If that animal is fortunate enough to be adopted you have the option to continue your subscription and RSDR will transfer you to another animals photo, or you have the option of cancelling your subscription. 

How to sponsor 

You can choose to sponsor a RSDR animal with either a half sponsorship of 10 euros a month or full sponsorship of 20 euros a month, by subscribing on the below paypal button.  
By donating through the paypal platform you can either donate through your credit card OR through your paypal account.  
If you would like to make a paypal account please go to: 


  1. View the dogs & cats currently at the shelter on our dogs or cats pages, then come back to the sponsor page.  If undecided, we can choose for you!! 
  2. Under subscription payment below -  press on the the drop down list.  Choose your sponsorship type (half or full) and choose to pay either monthly or yearly.
  3. Choose if your animal is a dog or a cat.  
  4. If you want to receive photos from RSDR, please choose Yes, under do you give consent for RSDR to email about your sponsor animal?  
  5. In the Blank Text Box, please write the animals name that you would like to receive a photo of monthly in email from RSDR.  If you can't decide, just leave blank and we can choose for you!   (Please note:  You can only choose one animals name per subscription)
6. Press the Subscribe Button and sign up through paypal.  

After you subscribe.  Paypal will email you with a confirmation with a subscription receipt for your records.  Please note your subscription will continue until you cancel.
If you have any questions on your sponsorship please email

View cats at the shelter

View dogs at the shelter

SIGN UP -  Subscription Payment

By subscribing on the below paypal button to sponsor a RSDR animal  you consent to receive email content from Rudozem Street Dog Rescue (RSDR) about your sponsorship.
You can read Rudozem Street Dog Rescue (RSDR) Privacy Policy on our website at this link

Enter the name of the animals photo you wish to receive in the blank box above the subscribe button when you sign up. 
Sponsor Payment Options
Is your sponsor animal a:
Do you give consent for RSDR to email about your sponsor animal?
Enter name of animal

Cancelling Paypal Subscription

To cancel please press the below unsubscribe button.  By unsubscribing you will also stop receiving sponsorship content emails from Rudozem Street Dog Rescue.