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Rudozem Street Dog Rescue

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Males Over 1 Year

If you are interested in any of our male adult dogs that are available for adoption, please fill out an application form on the button below.

Sponsoring: RSDR have a sponsor program that helps feed all the animals at the shelter as well as on the streets.  The sponsor program is a co-sponsor program where ALL funds donated in the program go towards combined feeding costs of all the animals.  As a thank you for sponsoring you can choose which animals photo to receive in a monthly photo.   (Note: this does not include animals outside of Bulgaria in foster care)

In the UK

There are currently no male foster dogs in the UK

To see fosters in the Netherlands/Belgium please go to:


At the shelter in Bulgaria

(At this current time, adoptions are not available at the shelter)

Acorn - Available

Albert - Available

Balkan - Available

Basil - Available

Biffy - Available

  Bronco* - Available

Christian - Available

Cosmo - Available

  Dermot* - Reserved

Devlin - Available

Eloi - Available

Eric - Available

  Finnick* - Available

  Fred* - Reserved

  Freddy* - Available

  Hamish* - Available

Hero - Available

  Hunter* - Available

Irvine - Reserved

Jack - Reserved

Jasper - Available

Jeremiah - Available

Kazan - Available

King* - Available

Leonard - Available

  Louis* - Available

Mathieson - Available

  Pablo* - Available

Paxton - Available

Pierre - Available

Prince - Available

Rex - Reserved

Robbie - Available 

  Robin - Available

Rocket - Available 

Seve - Available

Shiloh* - Available

Sooty- Available

  Spartan* - Available

Stanley - Available

  Togo* - Available

  Tommy* - Available

Woody / Male - Available

Zorro / Male - Available