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Whilst our website is under construction you can view more information on our animals on the photo albums of our page

or on our dutch website at

Kittens & Cats

Our kittens can be transported to the UK, Netherlands and Belgium once they are 4 months old.  To comply with TRACES commercial transport law all animals require the Rabies vaccination given at 12 weeks old.  There is then a waiting period of 21 days before they can travel.  

If you are interested in any of our cats available for adoption, please fill out an application form on the button below. 

Sponsoring: RSDR have a sponsor program that helps feed all the animals at the shelter as well as on the streets.  The sponsor program is a co-sponsor program where AL funds donated in the program go towards combined feeding costs of all the animals.  As a thank you for sponsoring you can choose which animals photo to receive in a monthly photo.   (Note: Sponsoring does not include animals outside of Bulgaria in foster care)


In the UK - Foster care

Apollo / Male -  Available  (In Foster care London, UK)

Darwin / Male - Available (In foster care London, UK)

Fizz / Male - Available (In foster care London, UK)

Tinka / Female - Available (In foster care London, UK)

Tiger / Male - Available (In foster care London, UK)


To see fosters in the Netherlands/Belgium please go to:

At the shelter in Bulgaria

Beau Peep / Female - Not Available

Checkers / Female - Available

Devon / Female - Available

Elfin / Female - Available

Finlay / Male - Available

Harley Quin / Female - Available

Hitch / Male - Available

Johnny / Male - RESERVED NL

Katinka / Female - RESERVED NL

Nobby / Male - Available

Puck / Male - Available

Rosa / Female - Available

Sammy / Male - Available

Sparky / Female - Available 

Squirrel / Male - Not Available

Sunny / Female - Not Available

Tash / Female - Available

Venus / Female - Available