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Status: Available

Name: Khaleesi  
Gender: Female
Born: 01 November 2013 
Spayed: Yes
Breed: Mixed Breed    
Size: Large 
Vaccinated: Yes
Chipped: Yes
Location: RSDR Shelter, Bulgaria 
Can live with cats: No 

Description from the shelter

Khaleesi is a very sweet girl. She has a friendly character and loves to play with people. Sometimes she barks at strangers, but once she knows someone she is really friendly and just wants attention. Khaleesi grew up in the house therefore is toilet trained and is also used to traveling in a crate in the car. 

She gets on really well with other dogs but if a dog has been aggressive or snappy at her, she doesn't forget and is unforgiving. Unfortunately she does chase cats so we are looking for a cat-free home. 

We are looking for a family with teenagers or without children for Khaleesi - not because she is aggressive but because she is a big clumsy girl. Her home would need space and a garden because she loves to be outside and in the sun. 

She is very attached to Ragnar, one of our other rescues, and this is why we would like them to be homed together. Even though she plays with other females, we would not wish to place her in a house where another female dog is present. 

Khaleesi is a famous dog - her rescue story was shared by lots of media (including the New York Times). Unfortunately, despite all the attention, we still haven't been able to find the right home for her & Ragnar. 

How Khaleesi came to RSDR

On the morning of 12 May 2014, Tony noticed a message from someone on the RSDR English Facebook page asking if we could help a dog in another city. The dog was in terrible shape and had some serious mange. There was a link from a news article with pictures of her and an appeal for someone to catch her and put her to sleep because people were afraid she was sick. From experience we know that even a healthy looking dog suffers terribly from abuse on the streets; they are kicked, beaten, stones thrown at them and chased away, so we could imagine what would happen to this poor dog if we didn't help her. We started the 70 km journey through the mountains to the city where she was. 

Two hours later we arrived in the area where she was reported to be and started searching for her. Suddenly we saw her on the other side of a roundabout. 
Tony called her and she came straight to him; she crawled over, so desperate for contact. She was one of the saddest cases we have ever seen. She was very skinny and had no hair, she was completely covered with fleas and ticks, her ear was torn and her skin was so painful. Tony picked her up and carried her to the car.

Khaleesi had to endure veterinary treatments for several months for various ailments including Mange but she has made a full recovery. Despite all the suffering this lovely girl has been through, she is just so sweet and confident.