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1 mile Swim  -  Salford Quays swim on 26 September 2010

Thank you to Terrie Mills, Julie Laven, Julie Lewis, Heather Laven for participating in the 1 mile Swim on September 2010.  The girls raised over 700 pounds for RSDR.  Thank you girls for a job well done. 














UPDATE:   Our swim in the Strathclyde Loch was cancelled due to the high level of Algae in the water making it unsafe for the swimmers.

 But good news today!!  We heard that we now have 4 places in the Salford Quays swim on September 26th.

Julie Lewis, Heather Laven, Julie Laven and Terrie Mills are all making up the team to kindly raise funds for Rudozem Street Dog Rescue by doing a 1 mile swim.


Well, for some strange reason this year, instead of a short run or a beer drinking competition, Heather and I decided it would be a REALLY great idea to enter the British Gas Great Scottish Swim!

For those that aren't familiar with the event, it involves a 1 mile swim in open our case, Strathclyde Loch in Scotland on the 21 August 2010.
So, we are now in serious (ha ha) training to ensure we are able to make the can find us at Moorways Pool on a Tuesday or Queens on a Thursday evening if you fancy coming to cheer us on from the pool side ;o)

Our cause is a tiny charity based in southern Bulgaria and run by a British couple, Diane and Tony Rowles who moved to Rudozem in 2007.

There was no intention to set up a charity but they were unable to ignore the plight of the many street dogs and began feeding some of them. Over time, it became clear that some of the very young pups and dogs would not survive without further intervention and so it was that a number were taken back to the family home to be cared for.

To date, 71 dogs have now been happily rehomed to families in Holland and Germany but all of this takes time and money.
Time is a commodity they do have, money on the other hand is one they don't!

Donations for food, vaccinations, neutering, microchipping and transport is a constant requirement and is the reason we are trying to help raise funds. See below for costs:
Food (per month) 600 euro
Vaccinations (each) 30 euro
Neutering (each) 30 euro
Transport to take the dogs to Holland 2300 euro

To find our more about the work of RSDR, see pictures of the dogs and read some of the stories of how they came to be rescued on their website.

We are aiming to raise $1000 which is just under £700 so please, if you are able to help with a contribution, however small we will be grateful. Knowing that we have achieved our target will spur us on through the cold, dark, DEEP water and make looking like a seal in our wetsuits all the more worthwhile! 


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Chipin Expired

Unfortunately due to our event being postponed, our original chipin expired.  You can see how much money we raised before it expired. 

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