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Rudozem Street Dog Rescue

Help us to help them


Thank you to all those that voted for the Harmony Fund Inc in the Chase Giving Competition.  The Harmony Fund Inc came 14th place, and won $ 50,000.  This was then divded between 25 charities, and RSDR are to receive $ 2000.00 US dollars (1,500 euros)


Time is running out with RSDR's emergency situation, and it won't be long before winter is upon us and the frightening reality of the shelter roof collapsing, putting all 150 dogs & cats at risk of injury or death.

Last winter, the roof bowed so low, it was a terrifying ordeal with trying to get snow scraped off the roof before it turned into ice during the night.

Already the neighbouring buildings roof had collapsed and RSDR's Shelter roof was creaking dangerously.

RSDR raised funds and completed Stages One & Two In replacing the dangerous roof, but are still desperately needing to raise 8000.00 euros urgently for the Third and Final Stage before the heavy winter snows in November 2012.

If you can help RSDR with this urgent appeal, please make a donation on the Roof Widget on our Donate Page by Paypal, Direct Deposit or Cheque.

Please help us to help them.

VOTE FOR HARMONY FUND INC - and RSDR will share in winnings of $ 250,000

"Harmony Fund Inc" & The Great Animal Chase are supporting RSDR's mission in a Winter Readiness Campaign, to help us raise funds for the Roof before this winter.

The "Harmony Fund Inc" has entered a "huge" competition on facebook in the "Chase Community Giving" competition and if they win a prize, they will divide the winnings with RSDR and 24 other needy charities.

"Chase Community Giving" is giving away 1.5 million dollars to help charities, with a huge first prize of $ 250,000.

Please vote for "Harmony Fund Inc" to help RSDR share in these winnings and help us to fix our dangerous roof for our cats & dogs.

To Vote for Harmony Fund Inc on Facebook, Press on the below link:

Copy and share this same link with your friends and you will receive an extra vote again to vote for "Harmony Fund Inc".

If the link doesn't work at anytime, please search for "Harmony Fund Inc" on the Chase Community Giving App in the search box and Vote.

Voting ends on the 19th September 2012, so please get your vote in and share as much as possible to vote for Harmony Fund Inc!!

For more information on how to vote, press the "About" Tab on the above link.


"Harmony Fund Inc" & De  Gr eat Animal Chase ondersteunen RSDR missie in een Winter Readiness campagne, om ons te helpen fondsen  te werven om  het dak er helemaal  op te zetten vóórdat winter invalt.

De "Harmony Fund Inc" is in een "enorme" concurrentie op facebook in de "Chase Community Giving" concurrentie en als ze een prijs winnen, zullen de winst ze verdelen met RSDR en 24 andere behoeftige goede doelen.

"Chase Community Giving" gaat van 1,5 miljoen dollar weggeven en aan goede doelen schenken om ze te helpen , met een enorme eerste prijs van $ 250.000.

Als je blieft stem voor "Harmony Fund Inc"  om de  RSDR  helpen zodat zij ook een gedeelte van de prijs krijgen, zodat het gevaarlijke dak  geheel gerenoveerd kan worden, dan zijn onze honden en katten “veilig onder dak”

HOE TE STEMMEN voor Harmony Fund Inc op Facebook, Druk op de onderstaande link:

Kopieer en deel deze dezelfde link met je vrienden en je zal een extra stem ontvangen om te stemmen voor "Harmony Fund Inc".Dus des te meer mensen stemmen en delen des te meer stemmen  kunnen  wij geven!
 Dus help mee AUB

Als de link niet werkt omdat het steeds veranderd, zoek dan naar "Harmony Fund Inc" on the Chase Gemeenschap op Face book en geef toestemming   voor de App en Stem!!

Stemmen  kan tot 19e september 2012, dus neem stem  en deel zo veel mogelijk  door te stemmen op Harmony Fonds Inc!

Voor meer informatie over hoe te stemmen, druk op de "Info" tab op de bovenstaande link.

READ the Article on the Harmony Fund Inc & Great Animal Chase website about RSDR's plight.