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Fundraise for RSDR

If you would like to fundraise for RSDR, please fill out the application form below.  We will then send you a RSDR Fundraising Kit for your event.

The Fundraising kit will include an authorisation letter from RSDR, link to downloading promotional tools, RSDR cash donation form and merchandise options.

For those that wish to do a sponsor event for RSDR (eg. Fun Walk, Shave your head, Marathon etc).  You will be provided with a link to your own fundraising page on our website with a fundraising widget where you can ask for persons to sponsor you.

For all other fundraising events, the event will be mentioned on our Events and Fundraisers page under current events.


Fundraising Application Form
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8. Upload Photo ID (For identification purposes) or email photo ID to
9. Type of Event:
  • Sponsor Event eg. Fun Walk, Shave head
  • Stall, Boot Sale or other Sale Event
  • Online Fundraising eg. Ebay
  • Other
10. Other Type of Event:
11. If a sponsor event: Is this going to be a Team Event?
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  • No
12. Please provide other team members address, phone, email details:
13. Name of the Event (This will be the title on our Events page on our website)
14. Event Location
15. Date / Time of the Event:
16. Website link: (If you are doing a stall for a dog show, or a sponsor event for an event already happening please provide the website link to the event)
17. Details of the Event (please put full description, as this will go on the Events page of our website):
18. Upload your photo or poster of your event (This will be used on the Events page of the website):
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Please allow 24 - 72 hours for the RSDR Secretary to review your application.

Fundraising Ideas

There are so many ways you can raise money for RSDR.  We have thought of a few ideas but we are sure you can come up with some more fun and exciting ones!

R   -   Run:  Participate in a Fun Run, Run a Marathon
             Read-a-thon:  Read as many books as you can get and get people to sponsor you.

S  -    Shave your head
             Swim a mile
             Stalls: Food, drink, lollies
             Sale:  Have a garage sale, car boot sale, cent sale, cake sale and so much more!!
             Special:  Celebrate your birthday by receiving donations for RSDR instead of receiving gifts.
             Sell:  Sell items on Ebay

D  -    Dinner Party:  Have a dinner party and invite all your family/friends to the dinner
             Dog Walk:  Organise a doggie walk with friends/family or your community
             Dress Up:  have a fancy dress party, or organise a Doggie Dress up, have everyone dress up as their favourite dog.

R  -    Raffle Tickets:  Sell tickets then raffle off a prize
             Remember someone special by creating a page in their honour.


Please visit our Events & Fundraising page to view current events at RSDR