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Rudozem Street Dog Rescue

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Females Over 1 Year

If you are interested in any of our female adult dogs that are available for adoption, please fill out an application form on the button below.

Sponsoring: RSDR have a sponsor program that helps feed all the animals at the shelter as well as on the streets in Bulgaria. The sponsor program is a co-sponsor program where All funds donated in the program go towards combined feeding costs of all the animals.  As a thank you for sponsoring you can choose which animals photo to receive in a monthly photo.  (Note: this does not include animals outside of Bulgaria in foster care)


In the UK

We currently have no dogs in foster care in the UK

To see fosters in the Netherlands/Belgium please go to:


At the shelter in Bulgaria 

(At this current time, adoptions are on hold at the shelter due to the coronavirus)

  Adira* - Available

April - Available

Arlo - Available

  Cari* - Available

  Carina* - Available

Cassie - Available

Chelsea - Available

  Cinders* - Available

  Cloudy* - Available

Coco* - Available

Dee - Available

Doris - Available

Eowyn - Available

Fern - Available

Gypsy - Available

Holly - Available

Isha - Available

  Keira* - Available

Khaleesi - Available

  Koala* - Available

Lana - Available

Lonnie - Available

Marita* - Available

Maud - Available

Maya - Available

  Megz* - Available

  Mimi* - Available

  Missi* - Available

  Nala - Available

Olympia - Available

Pauline - Available

Pom Pom - Available

Poppy - Available

  Ruby* - Available

  Sally* - Available

  Sassy - Available

Selina - Available

Shannon - Available

Shayla - Available

Simone - Available

Sweetie - Available

Tazzy - Available

Tiffin - Available

  Zailey* - Available