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Rudozem Street Dog Rescue currently have available a position of employment for Shelter Kennel Staff.

Seeking dedicated, hardworking individual who has a passion for animals to join RSDR.   

(approximately 40 hours a week)

Duties include: Working with cats and dogs of all sizes (some with fear issues), Basic animal care, Cleaning and disinfecting indoor and outdoor kennels & Pens, Walking dogs, as needed.  General shelter duties. Must be willing to work in all weather conditions. We need someone who is able to work as part of a team but also be able to use their own initiative when possible emergencies arise or they notice something that needs dealing with.

Applicant must be prepared to stay at the shelter at nights when needed. Clean driving license is an advantage.

 Accommodation can be provided.

Preferred Requirements:  Ideally applicants will be able to speak English or Bulgarian and be willing to learn either language.  Good organisational skills. Previous experience working with dogs.

Please note, the position is more suitable to a single person as we can not accommodate families, children or applicant's own animals.  This is a permanent position.  It will take a few months for any applicant to get to know certain dogs that may have issues and to get to know the shelter routine and other workers. For non-Bulgarians, we also have to organise temporary residency. With this in mind, we ask for applicants with a long term commitment.

Rudozem is a quiet town and there isn't much in the way of night-life. It may be too quiet for someone who enjoys a busy social/nightlife.

Bulgarian wages apply.

 All applicants please fill out the application form below and ensure all sections are answered to be considered.  If you have a resume, please email it also to

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