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Dalila was found in the town centre on the 1st March 2011. She was lost and confused. We suspect someone had abandoned when they couldn't afford to feed her anymore or they simply didn't want her. Dally as we call her had obviously had litters of pups before we found her and was pregnant again. She gave birth to 8 lovely pups and was a very good mum, but after three weeks she decided she has had enough and has to be coaxed into going back to her pups. Dally is a Barak type which we have always found to be very good natured dogs. when she first came to us she just didn't enjoy the company of other animals. she would avoid and ignore them and give a grumble if they got to close. Over the past few weeks she has surprised us all by playing with the kitten and she adores one of the younger female dogs who plays with her and cuddles up to her at nights. She is a very calm natured girl who loves attention and the rest of the time will just lie down near to you. She has been very good and friendly with everyone that she has met including friends of the boys that she hasn’t met before and our two year old granddaughter who she recently met for the first time. She stayed in the staff room at the shelter building with Diane when she was on her own. Due to Dally loving everyone we didn’t think she would be very good if ever there was an intruder, but when Diane was alone and a strange man walked into the staffroom one day, she did go for him. This shows that despite her loving nature she is very loyal and would protect her owner if she felt they were under threat. She is very clean indoors, a fantastic companion but also very greedy and loves her food.

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