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Hercules was on the streets for many months before we managed to get him home in the summer of 2010. When we first saw him, you couldn't get anywhere near him. It took months for Tony to get to close enough to even put food down for him. Eventually he would recognise the van and come to Tony for his food, but it still took a long time before he would let him touch him. We were very concerned that hercules would end up being shot as he would attack any cars that slowed down near him and on one occasion we saw him rush to attack an old woman. luckily by this time, he had gained a certain amount of trust and respect for Tony, so he did stop when Tony shouted at him. He still didn't trust us enough for us to get a collar on him. Eventually Tony managed to coax him into following him home. Each day he would get him a bit further before Hercules would turn and wander off again. We knew we would have to be very careful with him and that there was probably no chance of him ever being suitable for adoption. Hercules is a Karakachan, a breed which is used for flock protection and guarding and they do not take kindly to strangers. They can be fantastic family dogs and are very loyal and protective over their family, children and smaller animals that they know, but it is important to socialise them while they are pups. We suspect that Hercules had been used for flock guarding and was never socialised. He mainly trusted tony and accepted Diane but no other family members could go near him. He would attack the fence of his run if anyone else in the family so much as walked past it. He is brilliant with younger dogs and pups and it is great to see him play. Now that he is feeling more relaxed and secure, we are working on getting him to accept other family members. One of the ways that we are doing this is to let the boys walk him. March 2011..After walking Hercules, Luke has at last been able to stroke him. This was a big break through as at one time it wasn't safe for luke to go in the garden if Hercules was out.
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