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Sadie was born around September 2009. she was a young dog when we first spotted her in early 2010. She was living in the forest and would only venture out to look for scraps. At the first sign of anyone, she would run back to the forest so for months we were unable to feed her. After many months, she would eat the food we put down if we backed away. Every time we saw Sadie she was looking thinner and weaker but if we tried to get close to her she would growl. Often we wouldn't be able to find her for days or even weeks and after seeing how weak she was, we were worried that she had died. One night in June 2010, we went out looking for her and found her half collapsed behind a bin. It was as if she had made up her mind that she needed help. she staggered over to me and put her head on my knee and just let out a tiny whimper when Tony lifted her up and put her in the van. Sadie grew to trust us and is now a strong healthy girl who is very loyal and protective.
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