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10/8/2017 Bigdog...The Legend 2007-2017 He found us in 2008 and never went away until we let him move in a few months later. He followed Liam and Luke everywhere they went, chased our car whenever he saw us and saved us from dangerous dogs and people more than once. He was a big part of our lives. In 2011 he moved to the shelter with us where he roamed free. He gave scared and abused pups and dogs comfort and confidence and was always happy to let cats curl up with him. He always welcomed visitors and loved the lads. Late this morning he collapsed with suspected heart failure. We stayed with him and he passed away early this evening. We are all heartbroken. We will never forget you Bigdog. xxx Bigdog's story About five or six weeks ago a dog just turned up outside our house. He had a collar on but no one knew where he had come from or had seen him before. We presumed he was after Lulah, one of the dogs we have taken in, as she hasnt yet been spayed. We thought if we didnt feed or encourage him then he would go in a day or so. We then got worried when he started following any of us if we went out anywhere. I knew if it was just Lulah he was interested in then he would have stayed outside the house. I referred to him as "Bigdog" thinking if I didnt give him a name, we might not get attached to him. That is a bit difficult when he started chasing after us if we went anywhere in the car, then would be there to greet us when we got home. He caused problems when I took the goats out as he was trying to get the baby goat. We called the police but they weren't interested. Someone had to hold him to make sure he didnt follow whoevere took the goats out. One day I took them into the forest on my own. Bigdog suddenly appeared and I was worried he was going to attack the baby goat. However he didnt bother the goats but would not leave my side that day. There happened to be a guy we didn't know in our forest plot cutting grass. It might have been a coincidence but It did make me feel safer knowing that Bigdog was next to me. Weeks have passed and he is still here night and day. We cant let him in the garden because of the other dogs and we dont want to risk a fight. It isnt too bad at the moment while the weather is warm but the worry is what will happen when it turns cold. There is also the added worry that people will start tormenting him and hurting him, even shooting him. The poor dog is also terrified of thunder. I had to bring him in the porch a couple of weeks ago when we had a torrential storm. He stood, trembling with his head pushed into me. I dont know what he would have done if he had been left out in it. Anyway this is a story to be continued. I keep saying we cant take in a ninth dog but then what do we do? 20 August, 2008 Update 2009: BigDog is now a permanent Resident with us.
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