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June 2015 - Foxy passed to the rainbow bridge and is very sorely missed. 2008 - Foxys story. Foxy is quite old for a street dog. You don't often see dogs his age, due to their struggle to survive and downright cruelty. He is one of the sweetest little dogs you could ever meet. We would often see him trotting about the town centre, looking for food and trying to avoid passing kicks. Most of the street dogs tend to stay in the town centre or the forest. Many of them in packs. Foxy however is one of the few dogs that comes out of the centre to our own neighbourhood. At night, he would sleep on a grass verge near the shop, no matter what the weather was like. In the day, he would look for scraps of food or happily trail children who were out playing. Last month he was following a group of children and teenagers, when one turned round and repeatedly shot at him with an air rifle for no other reason than his own sick amusement. The poor little thing just ran off yelping. A couple of days later, Liam and Luke saw two local boys, brutally kicking him about. Liam and Luke shouted and went running over and the boys ran off. Poor little Foxy could barely walk. We didn't see him for a few days after that. Sam, my eldest daughter, spotted him one day on his usual grass verge and thought it strange that he never got up to say hello. He was obviously quite ill. She got Tony to drive down and brought him back in the car. He was limping badly from the kicking and had abscesses from where he had been shot. Sam bathed him with antiseptic, fed him and off he went. This was repeated for a few days and the infection started to clear up. Every day he would come to the gate for food, then toddle off again. Last week we had some very bad weather. Snow, hail, torrential rain, thunderstorms. We could see Foxy huddled against the side of a building in a field across from the house. All day he just lay there shivering. We told Liam to go and check he was ok. As soon as he spotted Liam, his little tail started wagging and he followed him home. We put an old quilt in the cellar for him and he settled down for the night. By the morning he had gone. Later that evening I spotted him waiting outside the gate. I opened the gate and he went straight to the door waiting to be let in the house. One look at his little face and who could say no. He now stays every night and is spending most of the day here. He loves the cats but as yet hasn't met the other dogs Update Diane RowlesOct 5, 2008 7 months have passed since I wrote this, so time for an update. Foxy is now a permanent resident. Most of the time he can't be doing with the younger dogs who want to play. He likes to stay in our bedroom and be able to wander out to the balcony and enjoys the comfort of our bed. LOL
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