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18/2/18 On the way back from picking my car up from the garage i spotted a pup crawling on his tummy where the road meets the pavement. When i stopped and approach him he tried to stand and run away but could only manage a few strides before collapsing. Tried to bite me several times but i managed to put him in the cat carrier i had in the back of the car. I thought he had either hip or spinal damage so took him to the vets and after a thorough examination it showed no damage to his hips or spine but that his tummy was full of gravel, stones and twigs. He was in so much pain the poor boy. At the vets they asked his name so i named him Freddy. He had eaten so manmy twigs and stones he wasn't able to walk. once he passed them he was up and a bout and a happy pup.
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