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16 October 2017 The pups that were on a video a few days ago with their street dog mum have been dumped at the shelter. Probably by the local mayor who is trying to shut us down. It isnt the first time we have said sorry we cannot take any more dogs or cats only for him to dump pups at the gate. usually he ties them up in nylon sacks. Hanneke and Olaf arrived early at the shelter because they were going to the vets in Plovdiv and found these little ones, one pup had already fallen off from where they were dumped and luckily he wasnt injured. Then we put them in a blue tub while we decided what to do with them. They are now safely in a pen in the garden at the house. Mum has gone missing. We hope she has been scared off and will return and not killed. The siblings are Monty, Parker, Hera, Richie and Lemmy.
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