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September 2018 trip - 15 October 2017 October 2017 - An older pup was dumped in Rudozen a couple of weeks ago. She is very friendly and keeps approaching people. One night while Tysan was having coffee with his friends, the female dog went up to him for a fuss. After that she approached a man but instead of giving her a fuss, the man kicked out at her. Tysan then approached the man and let's just say he later got in trouble from the police. We also saw her being followed by about six male street dogs. Again we could not do anything because of not doing adoption trips and not having any where to put her. Then a few days ago we found her inside the shelter gates when we arrived at the shelter. With Hanneke and Olaf going to the vets the next day, they decided to take her along with Annie and Eloi to be sterelised. While at the vets, they asked her name and Olaf told them her name was Janice. In the mean time a lady told Tysan she would have the female pup and to take the pup to her if he saw her again. Tysan explained the pup was at the shelter and had been sterelised and she would be ok in a few days. Tysan and Tony went to see where Janice would be living but it wasn't suitable so she is still at the shelter
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