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26/09/2017 - We had no room but three pups were in serious danger. Obviously all three are related and have been spotted in and around town. They are roughly 5/6 months old. Even though they have lovely thick coats all are terribly thin. On Friday Kotsi spotted a group of dogs fighting in town, he managed to split them up and one pup was left uninjured but very shaken up. Liam and Kotsi spotted the second pup on Saturday and the pup ran up to them and would not leave Liam's side. He even talks to Liam. The third pup was rescued on Sunday by Liam, Kotsi and Tysan after Liam got a message saying a pup was in town covered in blood. We thought she had been attacked by other street dogs but after we shaved and cleaned the area around the wound it looks more like she's been shot. The pups are Annie, Litsi and Orion.
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