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January 2017 - There was an outbreak of parvo in the shelter after an infected litter were abandoned. Unfortunately this little one didn't make it. We are so sorry 2/12/16 For years we have known about this street dog and have rescued two of her litters of pups. When the pups are old enough they follow mum into town and are at risk of getting killed on the roads. The mum was born a street dog has always been terrified of anyone getting near her. Sisters Rosica and Rumqna made friends with the street dog who they named Suzi. With their help we managed to get Suzi and her pups safely to the shelter. Over the past few weeks the sisters and their friend Alex have been feeding mum and pups and keeping them safe. The girls were very upset we were taking mum and pups but after helping us bring them to the shelter and showing them round the sisters were happy. Suzis pups are Koliba, Mindy, Tizer and Mina.
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