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16/9/16 We were told that there was a mother dog with broken front legs, who was at a remote picnic hut a couple of hours away. We were sent pictures of the pup that was with her. The pup appeared to be quite large and looked healthy on the pictures. When we got there we found Kalani who was unable to walk properly, extremely thin and both eyes were infected. There was no sign of the pup. We searched and waited but still no sign. We suspect that someone has possibly taken the pup in but we have asked someone to do regular checks and inform us if the pup turns up. Kalani's front legs are a mess and she has wounds which look like they have been healing for at least a few weeks. She will probably need a number of lengthy operations to try and repair her damaged legs but the vets will most likely want to wait until she has put a bit of weight on. We took her back to the shelter where she had a good meal and settled down on a thick blanket.
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