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29/8/ 16 Liam spotted him around a week ago searching for food, we tried to make friends by feeding him and after a couple of hours yesterday we managed to get a lead on him and convince him the car was safe and he would be ok. Despite the shelter being completely full, we knew this boy was in absolute desperate need and wouldn't survive on the streets, Tony & Diane made a safe place for him at the house, he is extremely underweight & malnourished, he has a bad flea infestation and it looks as though his back legs may have some kind of deformity where they go in above the hock and splay out below the hock with absolutely no muscle, he also has sores and hair loss on his ears, this could be either because of the bad flea allergy or demodex. Leo Bear is so kind and sweet, once he knew he could trust us, all he wants is to be loved, he is eating and drinking well, has been treated for fleas and worms and has settled well. When we were on the streets feeding him and trying to make friends, after some time he just sunk his head into my lap, I didn't know whether to cry or smile, he knew he was safe. Tony fed him this morning and was greeted with a tail wag and a cuddle, he knows he's safe and really is enjoying the affection. Once a little bit of time has gone past, he is stronger and more confident, he will go to the vets, we're not happy to do this at moment due to the vets being around three hours away, this could really set him back if we was to do it now. Right now he is happy, loved, sleeping and enjoying cuddles with a warm full belly and enjoying taking himself for mooches around the garden.
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