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19/10/15 We were asked to help a dog that was stuck next to the river in Smolian. It looks like the dog had fallen off a wall and was scared to cross the river to get to safety. Liam and Rumen were there with the lad who told us about it. The problem is the dog is a Karakachan male and growls and tries to bite if anyone gets too close. The lad had already asked all the vets in Smolian to help but none of them would. The dog is very thin and will die if it doesn't get out. This poor dog has been stuck on that island for 3 weeks.The river is flowing quite fast and if it rains the dog could get swept away. He was taken back to the shelter where we managed to free a pen for him until we know how he is with other dogs. Now that he is safe, he has shown none of the aggression that he showed yesterday out of fear. He has been happy to let all the lads stroke him and reassure him. No doubt he will sleep well now, having been fed and knowing that he is safe. 26/10/15 Update on Caleb the river dog. He is doing ok, we still cannot give him a bath or brush him. He starts to panic then he growls. He enjoys his walks and doesnt pull as much now. His eye infections are clearing up and now lets me clean them without pulling away. We will get there with Caleb, like anything else it just needs a bit of time.
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