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16/3/16 I am afraid we have some more sad news to share. Phoebe collapsed yesterday morning. Tony and the boys rushed her to the vet, where they diagnosed her with a type of blood cancer. Unfortunately, the cancer was at a very advanced stage so the vet advised it would be kinder for her to be put to sleep. Rest in Peace beautiful Phoebe. We will never forget you xx 8/10/15 On our way back from collecting the certificates for the dogs leaving on the adoption trip we spotted a dog walking down the busy road leading into a village about 15 kilometres from Rudozem.. I said to Liam another poor dog wandering the streets.only to churn out litter after litter. We spot many dogs on our travels and heartbreaking as it is we cannot rescue them all and can only stop check if there ok and feed them. To my surprise today after the dogs had left on their journey Rumen and i were going doing a job and spotted a dog wandering along the main road. I said that is the dog from yesterday. She went into an open gate and lay down. We went to look and we were asked to move her. She was very nervous and at first tried to avoid us, but as Rumen knelt down she came towards him head bowed. She is very dirty, thin, full of fleas and as over grown nails, which suggest she as been chained up for a very long time.
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