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Winter Snow - March 2015 Sign In or Register to add photos

On Saturday 7th March 2015 - There was a serious snowstorm in South Bulgaria with over 850 settlements without power. Many towns were seriously damaged and had lost power lines and trees. It was declared a state of emergency with over 150 emergency teams trying to restore power. We had very limited contact with Diane & Tony by text message in Bulgaria. They had no power and one of the pens at the family house had been destroyed. Diane & Tony managed to get in contact with the shelter boys who've been staying overnight at the shelter. The shelter fence and exercise yards are damaged and we won't know the full extent of the damage until the snow is gone. The important thing is all the boys and the cats and dogs at the shelter and the house are safe, but none of the dogs at the shelter can go outside due to the damage. On the 12th Thursday, power has been restored back at the family home, but the shelter still has no power. With the fence at the shelter damaged, we are also concerned for all the cats and dogs on the streets. Many of them will have tried to seek shelter as soon as it started snowing but many of them will be without food. There are going to be lots of emergencies in the coming days, and we also have to protect the 250 dogs and cats at the shelter as they cannot go outside. We urgently need donations to replace the fence. Please help us now so they have the funds when they are ready to rebuild. We had previously been appealing for a sound proof fence to stop RSDR from closing - but we are going to have to add on top of that total now for this emergency. Please either donate to our normal donate button above, or donate to the existing sound proof fencing fundraiser so we can meet that target and more to help with the rebuild. For continual updates please go to our facebook page on what is happening. Photo Album of Winter March 2015 - News links about Snowstorm: (if you scroll past this article below it has continual updates on more links).
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