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On the 22nd February 2015, we were asked if we could help this dog that was in the same town where Khaleesi was found. We contacted the lady who posted the pictures of him and she phoned us to say she had managed to catch him and put him somewhere safe for the night. Today we went to collect him. The poor little guy has hardly any hair. He has been showered and will have special cream put on him and also be wormed and put on antibiotics. We will give him a few days to settle and get to know and trust us before taking him on the three hour journey to the vets. At first glance he appears to be young but he has his adult teeth which already have staining so we are guessing he is at least a couple of years old. We will have a better idea of his age when he has been to the vets and had full blood works and test. He is timid but very responsive to being stroked. We have called him Yoki. Thank you so much to Annie who first posted pictures of him and sought help for him.
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