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5/5/15 The difficult decision was made to put Stanley to sleep. He will be very much missed but he was suffering and we hope he is safe at the brudge/. 7/7/14 We had to make room for this old boy. He is skeleton thin under his hair, dehydrated, starving hungry and swarming with fleas. He has collapsed a few times. We saw this dog wandering the streets 2 years ago and last year Luke and I saw him staggering about the road. We asked the owner did he need help with him and he said no the dog is OK. Last week the owner came and asked us to take the dog and we explained we could not because we did not have any room. Today we saw the condition he was in and i said straight away he is not going back he is staying here with us. I was heartbroken and so very angry and I sat and hugged him and I promised him he will never be hungry, thirsty, itchy or cold again. To think he was actually owned by someone.
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