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5th June 2014 Tony found this poor boy in the town this morning. He was staggering about and is covered in puncture wounds which were full of maggots. He also has a very noisy chest and phlegm. The smell from his wounds was terrible and so many maggots came out of his wounds when we were showering him. He has had antibiotics and pain killers and we are hoping to get him to the vets in the morning, Tony will load more pictures and videos later of him being showered. He did try and back away and bite when Tony picked him up but was so good when we were giving him a shower. I have called him Ragnar. I know we usually ask people to name the dogs but when they are so critical I like to give them a name incase they don't make it. He needs to be strong if he is going to make it so I named him after the lead character in the Vikings tv series. Update 7th June 2014 Ragnar...Just back from the vets. He had an anasthetic so the vets could shave him and put drains in where the worst of his puncture wounds are. He has a bacterial ear infection so has drops for that. He still has a very snotty nose. Surprisingly all his blood work was quite good. Apart from anaemia probably due to parasites and a slightly high white cell count due to infection, everything else was ok and tests for heartworm and certain other things were all negative. We got the first tail wag today. When Tony went through to get him after he had woken up from the anesthetic, he wagged his tail and went towards him. He goes back to the vets next Saturday
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