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November 2018 : Falcor had really began to slow down. We found him passed away. Rest easy boy. We will miss you .April 25 2014 A few weeks ago we posted pics of Kerry with this dog. We would see him when we went to the hospital in another town. We thought he was an old dog as he was very slow and sometimes was sleeping so deeply that we had to double check if he was still alive. Last year Luke told us about a dog that he would see in Smolian and wanted to bring back and when he showed me pictures we saw that it was the same dog. We called him Falcor and decided we would bring him to the house next time we saw him as he wasn't doing very well. Every day this week we looked for him but there was no sign of him. Today when Tony was discharged from the hospital he had to go to a medical office in another part of the town. I was sat in the car waiting for him and noticed a dog curled up on church steps. It was Falcor. We had no lead so Tony took his belt off and put it round his neck. He jumped up, tail wagging, went across to the car park , straight to our car and then when I opened it, he just jumped in. Turns out he isn't that old after all.
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