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We spotted this little girl in the town late afternoon on the 9th April. She was in a panic and had blood on her mouth. We pulled up and she ran under a parked car. Kerry managed to grab her and Tony quickly got her in the cage in the car. She didn't like people at all and put up a fight. Tony put welding gloves on to get her from the car to the cage in the staffroom because she was fighting and biting like a little Tasmanian Devil. We nick named her Tazzy and the name has stuck. At first she would growl and bark if anyone moved in the room and kept up a repetative high pitched bark. By the next day she was slowly coming round to us and just days later she was playing with us and the bigger dogs. She still goes into a panic at any loud noises but she is becoming more confident every day. Tazzy was born around the 18th February 2013.
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