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This pup is a little girl On the 31st January 2013 we were asked to help 10 very young pups who were behind a factory. They were very close to a fast flowing river and workers were worried that the pups were now starting to wander about and they would either fall in the river and drown or else get run over. When we arrived, it was obvious that the pups were from two separate litters. Three of them were very tiny and only about 3 weeks old the other seven pups aren?t much older but are bigger as they appear to be karakachan crosses. All the pups are in a very poor condition and had severe infestation of worms and fleas. Sadly one of the very tiny pups died a couple of days later. The two remaining tiny pups are very friendly but the karakachan crosses were very scared and tried to bite when we caught them. We are spending time with them trying to gain their trust.
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