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This little pup is a girl 22 January 2013. We received a number of e mails and messages asking us if we could help a mum and her pups near the grounds of Smolian hospital. Each time we had to apologise to people and explain that we had nowhere to put them and with some of our pups having an infection and us not having an isolation unit we were worried that pups we take in could be at risk if they didn?t already have an infection themselves. On the 21st January I received more e mails from someone saying one of the pups had been hit by a car and the driver didn?t even try and avoid it and that another pup was already missing . The mum was spending more time away from the pups and at times not even feeding them when she did go back. The lady begged us to go and help them and said even if they risked getting an infection at the shelter, at least they stood some chance whereas they didn?t where they were. We set off to Smolian and Savvina who had contacted me, met us there with her boyfriend Julien. I managed to grab one pup before they all went down an underground hole that they had been living in. We tried moving back and keeping quiet in the hope that they would come back out. Tony heard another pup cry from another direction. We followed the cries and found that one pup had fallen down a pipe which was about 8 feet below ground level. Julien climbed down and luckily he managed to grab the little girl pup before she went off down one of the drains. Julien passed the pup up and then Tony had to help pull him out as only his hands could reach above the ground. Near to where this pup had got stuck I saw another very deep hole with another of the pups dead at the bottom of it. The other pups weren?t going to come out of their hole so eventually Tony went through the gap on his stomach. It went back a fair way and with Julien behind Tony you could only see Julien?s feet sticking out. Tony grabbed the pups, passed them back to Julien who in turn passed them out to Savvina and I. It was made even more difficult by the fact that the pups were so scared and trying to bite. Once we had all the pups safe in a cage, we went looking for their mum. We did eventually find her but she was so nervous of people that she was trying to attack if she felt trapped. There is no way that we could have got her without risking serious injury to ourselves. It is sad that we had to take the pups and leave the mum but she was spending little time with them and very soon she would stop going back to them at all. A lady at a nearby shop said that she puts food out for her and that some of the taxi drivers who wait near the hospital also feed her and they would all look out for her. The seven pups we brought back were all full of worms and fleas and some were very aneamic. One of them was so weak that he didn?t survive.
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