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On the 2nd November 2012 Courage was found in a layby near the Devils Throat Caves which is a very mountainous and isolated spot. He was with three siblings who we couldn?t get near. He was filthy, very thin and his right eye was missing. The other pups were all fighting over food. Courage let us pick him up straight away. We had been alerted about the pups several weeks before but had no room for them. they had been alone, struggling to survive from a very young age. Courage was quite ill with an infection for a while. He lives in the staffroom and is a little sweetheart with people but doesn't extend that all the time to the other dogs. He will sometimes play with them but at other times we have to stop him from seriously trying to take on and threaten the bigger dogs. He is an adorable little boy who just needs to learn some manners. He was born around the 22nd august 2012.
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