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21st August 2012 We were asked if we could help this old boy in Smolyan. We set off this morning and a lady met to show us which area he was in. it took a while to find him and when we did he was very scared. He is 15 years old and had been thrown out. He was run over and then someone put bread in the road and deliberately ran over him a second time in an attempt to kill him. He was then left and no one has bothered with him apart from one old lady who fed him every day. It took a while to catch him as he dragged himself under a vehicle to hide. He is now back at the shelter. It might be that someone else takes him over who has better access to specialist treatment for him. We are a long way from any good vets. For now he is just resting after the stress of being caught. Thank you Daisy for meeting us in Smolyan and coming with us to find him and to Ineke for naming him Zorba 23rd August 2012 Zorba was taken to a vet in Plovdiv this morning. I have just heard from kerry and Tony and this is the update. His xrays showed no damage apart from a lot of wear and tear to his joints, especially his hips. He had full movement in his legs when the vet moved them and was able to feel his back paws. His blood tests showed that he is anaemic but that is probably due to worms, fleas and lice. He has no heartworm and his blood work was surprisingly good for a dog his age. The vet said he might possibly have recovered from being run over but was in so much pain anyway with his arthritis that it was too much for him to support himself fully. She thinks that he could improve on pain medication and as he builds up condition and gets stronger. He is to go back in another month for a check up and to check the anaemia. Due to the wear and tear of his joints, we might still have to get a wheelchair for him but on the whole it is good news. It has been stressful for him and although the vet was very gentle with him, he did have to be muzzled as he was trying to bite her. I think he will be glad to get back here to his bed. Tony stayed with him the whole time to reassure him.
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