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17th July 2012. We have been feeding the mum of these pups for months now whenever we see her but she still won't come anywhere near us. We have to put food down and back away. She had kept her pups hidden somewhere away from the town center. Unfortunately they have reached the age where they will follow her to search for food. When this happens the pups get lost, scared and left behind and really don't stand a c...hance of surviving on their own. Tony and the boys went in to town today and were met by a scene of chaos. All of these pups had got sperated from their mum and were getting split up from each other in their panic. Not used to people or cars, they were just running about screaming. there was no option but to try and catch the pups. Tony, liam, Luke and Yavka managed to catch 8 pups with the help of two guys in the town. All the pups are very scared of people so it will take time, love and patience before they learn to trust. Bootle is a girl born around the 25th may 2012.
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