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Gingerpuss first turned up in April 2011 after we had first moved into the shelter building. He then turned up again a month later. This tom cat is blind in one eye and used to run off when he first saw Diane. However one night he let Diane & Liam stroke him and eat the food they left him. Eventually he came closer when they left food for him. One day Diane managed to get him to come inside the building, but decided they needed to make a hole in the wire enclosing the outside office window so he could come and go without going near the dogs. Julies brother Mick came with Julie to volunteer at the shelter for a week, and fit a cat flap into the window. Gingerpuss now comes and goes, as he wants usually in the middle of the night. He is very greedy and very fussy. Now that the weather has turned colder, he spends most of his time inside. He has become very affectionate but thinks nothing of giving the dogs a swipe if they get too close to him. Gingerpuss was found dead in June 2012. it looked like he had been in a fight with a wild animal.
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