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Dot, Connor and dusty were brought to the house from Chepintsi by two men in a van on the 26th august 2011. We explained to the men that we really didn't have anymore room for the dogs, They opened the back door of the van to show Tony. To his horror the dogs were tied up with wire to the point that they were choking and out of fear all three of them wet themselves and soiled themselves. Tony jumped into the back of the van and had to make temporary muzzles out of a lead as they were trying to bite, they were so scared. They were stick thin and covered in cuts aswell as being riddled with fleas and having bellies full of worms. Dot escaped from the garden soon after arriving. She would however break back into the garden on a regular basis and always knew where to come for food and water every day. Many times we tried to keep her in but each time she escapes again. Despite our best efforts, dot still doesn't let us touch her but she is well fed and regularly wormed and treated for fleas via her food. Unable to catch her and get her spayed, Dot became pregnant by another street dog. We did however manage to tempt Dot into Rangers large pen at the house and quickly shut her in. This meant that her pups are used to being handled by people so never developed their mothers fear of humans. Dot now lives in Rangers large pen. She still won't come near a human, but is safe and secure and cannot get pregnant.
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