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27th Oct (Batak, VT) Today George, our first dog arrived from Plovdiv. He was very happy to see us and as soon as we let him into the garden he was running around, wagging his tail and was more than happy to show me and Kosta the tricks that he knows. Bonny and Karl, the people who rescued George stayed for a coffee and seemed very happy that George will be staying with us until he is found a forever home. After they left Kosta was out in the rain doing things around the garden but George wouldn't go into his hut, he stayed by Kosta's side the whole time. Despite his ears being cut off he is a very loving dog and will make someone very happy. (For those that don't know George is the dog that an english couple rescued after he was shot and cared for him. They believe George might have been used as a guard dog as his ears had been ...cut off. The english couple brought George today to Kerry and Kosta in Veliko Turnovo.) see videos of George first arriving at this link:
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