Donations from Holland Donations from Holland BEFORE TRANSPORT 71665032 BEFORE TRANSPORT 71665033 BEFORE TRANSPORT 71665034 BEFORE TRANSPORT 71665035 Khan tries out the Vet table from Julie and Colin Lewis 71665388 Food for the family from Julie and Colin Lewis Food for the family from Julie and Colin Lewis. We all cheered when we saw tatties (potatoes), we try and grow all our vegies for the winter because you can't usually get any here, but with us putting more pens up we were getting short of room to grow things. 71665390 Donations from Holland 71665391 Dog Coats made by Wilma 71665392 1 Basket from Slivka, and the rest from Lonneke 71665393 Donations from Holland 71665394 From Lonneke, Marlene and Virginie (Belgium) 71665395 From Marleen, Lonneke and Slivka 71665396 We think this is from Slivka also 71665397 Grace and her mother made these wonderful dog leads 71665398 From Lonneke 71665399 Toys from Marlene and Virginie 71665400 From Marlene and Virginie 71665401 Chewstuff from Diane Beijer, rest from Lonneke, Marleen and Virginie 71665402 From Marlene and Virginie 71665403 From Wilco (who adopted laska) 71665404 Left - from Marlene and Virginie. 71665405 Right - From Ranzijn a Pet and garden store in Akmaar 71665406 left - Marlene and Virginie, Right back - Ranzijn and in the middle from Cor and Reini 71665407 From Ranzijn a pet and garden store in Akmaar 71665408 Choccies donations xx 71665409 From Marianne Den Dalk (collected from Grace) 71665410 From Julie and Colin Lewis 71665411 From Reini and Cor 71665412 From Julie and Colin Lewis 71665413 From Reini and Cor 71665414 Donations from Holland 71665415 From Trees and Ineke 71665416 Khan still modelling the new vet table from Julie and Colin Lewis in the UK 71665417