Lovely parcels from members around the world Lovely parcels from members around the world 22 April 2009 - From Nanette Ruth presents from america. thank you so much nanette. everything will come in so usefull. big thankyou from all of us and all the dogs. 60253786 22 April 2009 - From Nanette Ruth your letter was lovely and we lit the candle straight away 60253787 26 April 2009 - From Chuck and Ysa gifts for the dogs. a big, big thank you to chuck and ysa. 60253791 26 April 2009 - From Julie Lewis wonderfull gifts for the dogs. many thanks. they are from a lady called julie Lewis 60253792 9 May 2009 - From Nanette Ruth gifts from nanette. another great selection of gifts for the dogs. 60253789 9 May 2009 - From Lindsay gifts from lyndsay. what a great selection. 60253788 14 May 2009 - From Gail Clouston Thank you Gail for the wonderful gifts. 60253790 29 May 2009 - From Nanette Ruth Thank you Nanette for the bowls for the dogs.. lovely gifts 60253793 30 May 2009 - From Tracy Watson a parcel from tracy watson, a big thank you. 60253794 June 09 - Our little storeroom is looking rather full our little storeroom is looking rather full now with all the fantastic gifts from around the world. 60253796 2 June 2009 - items collected and donated in Holland anything and everything for the dogs brought from holland. there is still more photos of other things. and a massive thank you to the two men Dimi and Danny who took time off work and voluntered to drive all this way. 60253795 June 09 - Thank you to everyone all over for these gifts we could not have wished for a more fantastic group of people from all over who sent these gifts over the last few months. we cannot thank you enough. 60253797 20 June 2009 - From Nanette Ruth From Nannette much needed edible wormers and chew sticks. And thank you so much Nannette for the books they are wonderfull. 60253798 30 June 2009 - From Tracy Watson A great selection of toys and leads, there were also many blankets and towels sent to us by Tracy Watson so a big thank you Tracy. Chris from pet chauffers went to collect them and kindly brought them to us. 60253799 28 July 09 - From Addy and Joanne Thank you Addy and Joanne for the bowls, collars, lead, blankets, cat food and the fantastic dog treats. These will be great for dogs like Barney and Matty who may be a little stiff, as they have glucosamine in them. xxx 60256807 4 Aug 2009 - From Nanette Ruth Thank you Nanette. toys, blankets, lots of different treats and chews, vitamins,special sprays, wound cream with fly repellant, thermometer, clippers, arnica cream for us, cookie and muffin mixes, soaps and lovely smelling sprays. All very much appreciated. 60253771 17 Sept 09 - From AMCF NL Many thanks to the Animal Medical Care Foundation NL for the supplies. 60253772 20 Sept 09 - From Judi Abbott Many thanks and big hugs to Judi Abbott for this great box of goodies and essentials. 60253773 28 Sept 09 - From Tina Harris A big thank you to Tina Harris for the lovely toys and dog treats. 60253774 5 Oct 09 - From Tina Harris Thank you to Tina Harris for the dog toys and chews. 60253775 15 Oct 09 - From Sil and Vera Parcel of supplies from Sil and Vera. Many different things, all gratefully received. Thank you.x 60253776 15 Oct 09 - From Nanette Ruth parcel kindly sent by Nanette. No the dogs haven't learnt how to read, the books were a gift to me. Many thanks to Nanette. x 60253777 15 Oct 09 - From Donna Schleck & mum Sylvia Thank you to Donna and mum Sylvia for the lovely parcel. 60253778 5 Nov 09 - From Deana Thank you Deana for the parcel and the Bulgarian Levs. 60253779 5 Nov 09 - From Sue Jasperson Thank you Sue. Bet you thought you would never see this picture. 60253780 5 Nov 09 - From Lindsay Jane Caress Lindsay, thank you. We were so touched by all the printed personalized items. 60253781 5 Nov 09 - From Julie & Colin Lewis Thank you so much to Julie and Colin Lewis for this parcel and everything else they do. The charity bands on the right hand side of the pic will be on the webstore soon. Julie kindly let us have them delivered to her so we wouldn't have to pay import duty on them. LOL. 60253782 5 Nov 09 - From Anita Parsons Anita, big hugs and thanks from the 2 legged and 4 legged members of the household. Will have to go through everything again before I can take it all in. Was too excited by chocolate and vegemite. x 60253783 23 Nov 09 - From Donna Schleck and mum Sylvia Thank you to Donna and family and Sylvia You have made this a special Christmas for our family with all these Thank you for all the herbs, spices and seeds that were in the parcel. and goodies for the dogs. and special treats just for tony that are sugarless 60253784 23 Nov 09 - From Nanette Ruth Thank you Nanette for the lovely birthday slipper boots. No more cold feet. Also for the treats and the much needed lime sulfur for the dogs. 60253785 30 Nov 09 - Thank you to Anita for the fantastic book and first aid kit and to Julie lewis for the dog 61242783 30 Nov 09 - Many thanks to lynsey Keetley for the lovely xmas parcel for the 61242784 30 Nov 09 - Thank you Lindsay Caress for the lovely printed items you 61242785 11 Dec 09 - Many thanks to Karen Waspe for this fantastic parcel. Apart from wormers and flea treatments there are many things for the dogs (and cats) to enjoy xxx 64791703 29 Dec 09 - Parcel sent by Emma Nolan. There was a bag of treats but the dogs were given them before the picture was taken. Some great and much needed items. Thank you Emma 64791704 29 Dec 09 - Christmas Parcel sent by Mieke. Something for everyone (humans included) thank you Mieke. xxxx 64791705 5 Jan 2010 - Can you see my jacket logo. A christmas surprise from Julie and Colin lewis. Both Diane and Tony got one and are really chuffed. Thank you for everything you do from the goodness of your hearts 64791706 5 Jan 2010 - Dog Coats. Many thanks to Wilma 64791707 5 Jan 2010 - Dog coats, hand made for our dogs by Wilma in Holland 64791708 5 Jan 2010 - Other great items donated by people in HOlalnd 64791709 5 Jan 2010 - Parcel sent by Henriette and Helmut in Holland 64791710 5 Jan 2010 - Foxy modelling one of the specially made dog coats. 64791711 5 Jan 2009 - Parcel sent from Julie and Colin Lewis. Thank you Julie very much for the needed items. 64791712