Barney Barney Barney 38682506 Barney at home 37690078 Now- Barney a very happy boy with Diane and Sky 37354713 Now - Barney with Diane and Sky the cat 37354712 Now- Barney in his new home 37008869 Now - Barney at our house with luke 37008866 Now- Barney outside his new wooden palace 37008867 Now- Barney getting flea and tick treatment 37008868 Barneys house, was built for lilly but she didnt want it :O) 37009977 Barney living on the streets We fed him but he still looked so sad and alone 37006361 Barney with his Dinner 37006366 Barney having a sniff, he wasnt used to anyone being kind 37006367 Barney having some food. alone on the streets 37006365 Barney ...unsure how to react to someone being kind to him 37006364 Barney... Blind in one eye, going blind in the other again this was when we first saw barney on the streets. 37006363 This was home to Barney 37006362 Barneys teath 37008482 first time we saw Barney 37008483 Barney the first time we saw him on the streets This was right after he had been stoned by an older woman for no reson. 37006360 Barney under his favourite place the grape vine 42748792 Barneys new Pen!! Kerry and Kosta worked really hard on Barneys new Pen which was built near his favourite place - the gravevines. He absolutely loves it in there. 47323323 Barneys new pen Barneys new pen which keeps him safe 47323324 Barney resting in his pen 47323322 Barney 3 August 2009 47323325 Barney 21 July 2009 47323326 56507796 1 Dec 09 - Barney is doing just fine. very happy with life 61253648 3 Feb 2010 - Barney 68948764 29th January 2011 115050857 122216763 135582525 146368205 146368206 146368207 146368208 February 2012 148534847 152697894 152697895 161334482 161334483 161334484 june 2012 161334485 164030961 189938692