Lily Lily Lily This picture was in 2007, before Lily had the pups. She would follow us around the centre, barking and jumping up for attention. If we went in a shop, she would jump up and howl at the door and wait for us coming out 21444358 Lily and pups 21444382 Lily Still very thin but at least getting fed everyday 21444383 Lily 21444394 feeding time 21444374 Lily She loves attention 21444387 Lily and pup 21444384 Lily Lily would rather be in the town with her doggy friends. At first we kept having to drive her back to the forest and her pups. 21444368 feeding time 21444369 freezing The part of the forest where they are, is fairly high up in the montains and gets very cold. 21444391 Lilly and Bracken Feeling a littl left out after the tinies arrived 24236569 102597876 Lilly Lilly outside our house with Diane and Luke ( youngest brother) 30963316 lilly this is lilly outside our house with Luke ( youngest brother) March 2009 30963315 Lily and Nikita Nov 2010 113557264 Lily and Liam 113557265 Lily waiting while we went in the post office. 113557266 Lily and Nikita 113557267 29th January 2011 115056824 118689316 Luke and Lilly 122218964 Luke with Lilly and herc 122218965 146922211 146922212 146922213 146922214 146922215 146922216