dogs and cats on the streets. dogs and cats on the streets. killed on the streets We once bought this pup home and treated her for dehydration. Despite her leg, she was doing well. Her and her mum were killed on the street and thrown in the back of a truck. 21438280 A lovely old girl This dog had a large lump under her belly. She was killed on the street, along with her pup and thrown in the back of a truck. 21440595 Wolfy. When we first saw Wolfy, he was so scared and weak. 21438311 Missing These pups went missing from the town centre when they were about 4 months old. 21438312 2 pups Home is a bit of polythene sheeting Missing 21438313 street dog Not been seen for several months now. Missing 21438322 Scrappy Missing 21438315 Freeway Scared and hiding. Wouldn't even come out for food. 21438316 Honey Summer 2008 Killed 21438317 a very poor dog This is one of the dogs that we only spot ocassionally. She is thin, hungry and has a skin disease. she was owned by someone but allowed to suffer and die. 21438318 Zara (right) and friend Zara is about 7 months old. She was always alone so it was nice to see her with a friend. The worry is the pups that will result from this friendship. Missing 21440592 Sheltering This is the dog with the skin disease. This picture was taken January 2008. She was trying to keep warm in an apartment block, basement. Her owner let her suffer and die 21440611 Our daily rounds Whatever the weather we try and get to feed many dogs and pups, who will be waiting for us. 21440593 Missing Sam loved this dog. We don't know if she was hit by a car or killed some other way. The last reported sighting was her body being thrown on a truck. 21440594 8 little pups These pups were on the edge of a steep ledge. They went missing before we could try and re-locate them. 21440612 Freeway. After previously running away and refusing food, he suddenly decided to be friends. 21440613 Sam and a pup One of many pups Missing 21440596 Grateful babies Two pups grateful for some food Missing 21440597 Young dog and pups We originally thought the bigger dog was the mother but have now realised its a boy This was william, Pippy and Poppy, the first time we met them. All were rescued and adopted. 33244036 Zara's boyfriend Another dog which just turned up one day in the town centre. Many are born in the forest and eventually make their way down to look for food. Missing 21440614 This poor dog was attacked with stones by an old lady The poor dog was attacked with stones by an old lady for no reason at all, He's blind in one eye, obviously old and his teath are all smashed and broken. this was the first time Luke saw Barney. He is now one of our permanent dogs. 33244037 Misty Misty when we first saw her. Now a permanent resident. 24240418 Pretty young thing Very nervous for a start but my younger brothers are gaining her trust Missing 33244038 Matty This poor dog is so matted, we are trying to gain his or her trust enough so we can clip that matted hair off. Matty when Luke first saw him. 37355643 Another photo of the dog we have nicknamed Matty We dont know yet if this dog is male or female. Matty is a male and is now one of our permanent residents 37356198 16 Feb 2010 - Brownie is a street dog who stays near to our house. Brownie is a street dog who stays near to our house. After months we still can't get near her but she does rely on us for her food and never goes too far from where we live. This is how many of the dogs here live. Without food I doubt she would survive the Winter. Brownie is now a permanent resident. She will never trust enough to be suitable for adoption. 70438624 114070977 114070978 Sashko's sister this dog is third generation born feral. We managed to catch her brother when the pups were tiny as he was the runt and was left behind. He has now been adopted. This girl is still on the streets. We have rescued two litters of her pups but still can't get near her. Once we have a shelter/clinic, a volunteer vet who can spay females and can start neuter/release, she will be tranquilized and spayed. 114070979 Sashko's sister 114070980 114070981 114070982 114070983 This boy was around the town centre for weeks with a heavy chain around his neck. Eventually he let us close enough to feed him. He is now missing. 114070984 Missing 114070985 Missing 114070986 114070987 114070988 Charlie, now missing. (lily on my knee) 114070989 114070990 Cinnamon. I spent weeks trying to get her to come for food. she is now missing. 114070991 Charlie 114070992 Charlie 114070993 missing 114070994 missing 114070995 missing 114070996 114070997 Sashkos mum. Now missing 114070998 114070999 114071000 114071001 114071002 114071003 Missing 114071004 missing 114071005 missing 114071006 114071007 114071008 114071009 114071010 114071011 114071012 114071013 114071014 114071015 114071016 114071017 114071018 114071019 114071020 114071021 Arthur when he used to sit at the edge of the forest and watch us. 114071022 114071023 Jed. Missing 114071024 Jed 114071025 Missing 114071026 114071027 114071028 114071029 charlie 114071030 114071031 114071032 missing 114071033 114071134 114071135 114071136 missing 114071137 missing 114071138 114071139 114071140 114115630 114115631 114115632 114115633 114115734 114115735 114115736 114115737 114115738 114115739 114115740 135582845 146923341 146923342 146923343