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Adopting an RSDR Animal

UPDATE:  We are allowed to start a small number of adoption transports again (thought this may change).  We are currently waiting for information from Imports in the UK about Transport Regulations after Brexit on the 31 October 2019.  We should hopefully more information early November 2019.  If you would still like to fill out an application form for an animal whilst waiting please do so.  We are hoping to do a transport in January/February 2020 to the UK.

Rudozem Street Dog Rescue is a non profit foundation in Bulgaria that rescues dogs/cats from a life of abuse and finds them loving homes in the UK.

By adopting a dog or cat from RSDR, you are helping to save the life of a animal which may have suffered abuse, hardship or would have died on the streets. 

Read more about RSDR and how we started on our About Us page.

All animals stay in the shelter in Bulgaria until adopted of fostered when they are then transported to the UK.  By adopting a dog or cat from RSDR, you are helping to save the life of a animal which may have suffered abuse, hardship or would have died on the streets

Before deciding to adopt from RSDR, we ask you to read the following brochure about our animals to see if you are committed to taking on a rescue animal from the streets.   

An RSDR dog/cat is a rescue animal that might have suffered or seen much abuse on the streets in Bulgaria, and has been taken to the RSDR shelter.  He/she has been slowly rehabilitated over a period of time, and has become used to the security of shelter life & the humans that look after him/her. They are special animals that have endured much, so need special time and consideration by our adopters, when settling into their new homes.  


ADOPT -  If you would like to adopt please follow the below steps of our adoption process to the UK and fill out an application form.

FOSTER -  Foster carers follow the same process as adopters with application, phone interview & home check process.  Please fill out below application form, but mark as "Foster Carer".  Once approved your details will then be kept on file, and you will be contacted when a foster carer is needed.

Adoption Process to the UK


1. APPLICATION:  Press here to fill out the - Adoption Application form   

If you have trouble submitting the online form please email for a word document copy or PDF of the application form.

We will then review your application to see which dog/cat is the right animal for you and vice versa. Once we receive the application - we start the adoption process. 

Please include a copy of photo ID with your application.  If you feel uncomfortable providing ID online - the Home checker can view it at the home visit.  

Please note:  As we are all volunteers it may take up to 7 days to review your application form.  

2.  PHOTOS:.  Please provide photos of your home / garden and any other pets via email  to be submitted with your application form.

3.  PHONE INTERVIEW.  Once we have reviewed your written application, we will arrange a phone interview with a UK team member to discuss your application  and ask further questions.  During the conversation the RSDR team member will give an overall summary about adopting an RSDR dog/cat, and about settling periods/issues with our animals. 

Adopters Support Page - Before your phone interview, it is a requirement that you read our adopters support page with information on our animals and the issues they may have with settling in a home environment.  We will give you a link to this page when setting up the phone interview.

4.  HOME CHECK.  Once the phone interview has been conducted and if passed, we will arrange for a volunteer from a home check network in your area to do a home check. 

5.  ADOPTION APPROVAL -  Once both phone interiew & home check process are completed our adoption co-ordinator will review the information from both, and then make a decision on giving approval.  If approved an Approval letter will be emailed to you with information about the adoption, as well as copy of the Adoption Contract for you to sign send back to us.   To see a "Sample" of our Adoption contract, please go to our Adopt page

6.  A deposit and signature on Adoption contract is required, to confirm reservation of the animal within 7 days of date of Approval letter.  If not received, the adoption is cancelled.  

7.  All balance of monies and paperwork must be finalised 14 days before transport.  

8.  RSDR have a facebook group, set up for RSDR Adopted owners which we will invite you to, once adoption paperwork and payment has been finalised.

9.  After transport - A few months after the animal has arrived, your home checker (or RSDR volunteer) may do a follow up visit, to see how things are progressing.

*Please note that size, coat type and in some cases age on the Adoption page of our website, are only estimates based on the dogs/cats at the time that they are with us. Where it is known, we do give the exact date of birth, but for many pups/kittens and dogs/cats found on the streets, this isn't always possible. With pups that we have found on the streets and don't know anything of their parentage, it can sometimes be difficult to predict their adult size.*   


RSDR's general policy with rehoming to a family with children, is that we would not rehome animals with children under the age of 8 years old.  We will however make the odd exception to this rule in exceptional cases depending on the level of experience of the family and if we have background information on the animal being good around young children.  Also we do appreciate some children will have grown up with animals and have a better understanding of them and how they need to be treated.  So if we know the children and dog background, and the family to be experienced with dog body language, on occasion we may make exceptions, but in general we will turn a home down with young children under 8 years old.

If you have a child or children under 8 and you feel you can demonstrate a significant level of experience of caring for a dog in your family setting, please do fill out an application form. We review all applications on their merits, but feel we should emphasise that this is a high bar which means that we do refuse a large number of applications.


The animals stay in the shelter in Bulgaria until they are adopted or fostered.  All our dogs/cats travel by road with a registered TRACES pet travel company on our scheduled adoption trips we have every 1-2 months.  

A week before transport, imports & exports paperwork will be submitted and generated to comply with TRACES commercial transport for Europe.    Before leaving on transport, the animals are given a final health check done by the local Bulgarian vet which is stamped into the animals passport.  The transport vehicle is then approved for TRACES & signed by officials before travel commences.  

The animals usually will leave the shelter in Bulgaria by road, on a Friday and arrive in the Netherlands / UK on a Saturday/Sunday.

(Time indicated will depend on travel/weather conditions/ and other circumstances which are out of RSDR control).   

With TRACES imports/exports being implemented for rescue dogs and cats in UK and Europe.  After entry into the UK, the animals need to stay at a destination address for 48 hours and in that period may be randomly checked by a DEFRA official vet during that period.  The animal can leave the premises after the 48 hour period is up.   

RSDR send their animals either to a Kennels in Surrey, UK where adopters can collect their animal after the 48 hour period, or for an additional cost with transport, the animal can be transported direct to the adopters house and wait the 48 hour period in their new home.   (Note: They must not leave this address at all in that 48 hour period)

Please note:  RSDR needs a minimum of 12/13 animals per trip to cover our transport costs.  If there are not enough adoption numbers on a transport, the adoption trip may need to be postponed until there are enough numbers. 


The adoption contribution does not cover all the costs incurred by RSDR, but helps us continue with our life saving work to rescue more street dogs and cats.

Dogs:  Transport by road travel to the UK  Kennels in Surrey - £310

Cats:   Transport by road travel to the UK Kennels in Surrey  - £150  (RSDR will subsidise the difference in transport cost for cats, to help with finding them an adopted home).

*Direct to Adopters house -    If you wish for the animal to be transported direct to your home, there is a additional charge of an estimated £1 per mile from Surrey to your home. Please advise if you wish to go with this option.   (A more accurate quotation and pricing will be worked out more economically once all adoptions for that transport are finalised by the transporter). 


A non-refundable deposit of £110 is required to reserve the dog - with the balance to be paid two weeks before transport.  (For Cats - non-refundable deposit of £50)

Payment Methods:  Paypal, Direct deposit (bank transfer) to UK Bank account or by Cheque.  Details of payment will be advised in the Adoption Approval Letter.


RSDR have been granted a subsided discount for our animals staying at the Surrey Kennels.   There is a charge per day at the Kennels for adopters of 10 pounds per day (instead of the Kennels usual charge of 14 pounds per day).  Details of collection address of Kennels will be provided in the Adoption Approval Letter.


Each animal has its own EU Pet Passport.  Details of the animals vaccinations and microchip will be recorded in their Pet Passport before travel.   This will be given to you when you receive the animal.  Due to the requirements of TRACES all animals must be given a “single dose” rabies vaccination, microchip and tape worming, which are recorded in their pet passport.  After the single rabies vaccination has been given, the animal can travel 21 days later to the UK. 


The dogs/cats are also given a combination vaccination to treat against common diseases/illness and are flea and worm treated before leaving. 


Once adoption paperwork has been completed, RSDR will register your animal with the microchip register PETtrac.  This is a free registration provided by RSDR where both the owners details and RSDR’s details are dual registered on PETtrac. A copy of the pet registration will be sent by PETtrac to your postal address once registered.  


RSDR have established a website page for adopted owners with information called the Adopters Support Page (this website will be given to you before your phone interview.)  

There is also a facebook group for UK adopted owners where you can ask other owners for advise & support.  You will be invited to the facebook group once final payment has been finalised.  

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to give our Adoption Team an email

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