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Rudozem Street Dog Rescue

Help us to help them

Adopting an RSDR Animal

By adopting a dog or cat from Rudozem Street Dog Rescue, you are helping to save the life of a animal which may have suffered abuse, hardship or would have died on the streets.   Each Adopter is asked for a donation towards the cost of transport. This donation does not cover all the costs incurred, but helps ensure RSDR continue to do their rescue work in saving and caring for more street dogs. 

Before deciding to adopt from RSDR, we ask you to read the following brochure about our animals to see if you are committed to taking on a rescue animal from the streets.   

An RSDR dog/cat is a rescue animal that might have suffered or seen much abuse on the streets in Bulgaria, and has been taken to the RSDR shelter.  He/she has been slowly rehabilitated over a period of time, and has become used to the security of shelter life & the humans that look after him/her. They are special animals that have endured much, so need special time and consideration by our adopters, when settling into their new homes.   

Adoption Process

UK - Press here to view the UK adoption Process 

NL/Belgium - Press here to view the NL adoption Process
Bulgaria - Local adoptions in Rudozem Bularia please email

Other Countries

With the implementation of commercial travel of imports/exports of TRACES in Europe, RSDR are currently only doing adoptions to Belgium, UK and the Netherlands where we have established adoption teams, and where applicants can undergo a home check and interview process.    

At this stage we are not doing adoptions to other countries except for those mentioned.  
You can read about TRACES at