RSDR - Rudozem Street Dog Rescue

Rudozem Street Dog Rescue (RSDR) is a non profit foundation based in Rudozem, Bulgaria which was founded and still ran by Diane and Tony Rowles and their family. After moving from the UK in 2007, they quickly realised the plight of the street dogs in Rudozem and were shocked by the number of poorly treated and malnourished animals which were suffering without food, shelter or proper care.

It became apparent quite quickly that they couldn’t sit back and do nothing while so many animals needed their help and so RSDR was born in March 2009. They began taking in dogs and cats, nursing them back to health and preparing them for adoption in Holland and the UK. Since then, thousands of dogs and cats have found their forever homes, a far cry from their start in life on the streets. This wouldn’t have been able to happen if it hadn’t been for the amazing volunteers who have worked tirelessly, to find adopters, do home checks and take on the aftercare once the dogs were in their new homes. We owe so much to them and are forever grateful.

We currently have over 100 animals (94 dogs and 26 cats) in our care who still desperately need your help for food, care and vet bills.

You can meet these beautiful dogs and cats under the ‘Animals’ tab and to find out how you can help, head over to the ‘Donate’ tab where you can make one off and recurring donations or even sponsor an animal. Donations, no matter how small, help more than you think, and allow us to keep the dogs and cats fed, healthy and happy.

To follow the animals we care for and to keep updated with the day to day goings on at the shelter, you can follow us on:

Facebook: RSDR Rudozem Street Dog Rescue

Instagram: @rsdr_streetdogrescue

You can also visit our Dutch website here:

Rudozem Street Dog Rescue (RSDR)

Founded: March 2009

Registered Foundation No: 175647065