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Rudozem Street Dog Rescue

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1. Donate - One off payment

Please donate via the above donate button, and pay through paypal or by credit card to make a One Off Payment

Credit Card payments:  For those that do not have a paypal account.  Please follow the following instructions.  

1.  Press on the above Button.

2.  Input amount you wish to donate in euros.   (To check the conversion in your currency - please go to

3. On the bottom right hand side.  Press on "Don't have a PayPal account? Use your credit card or bank account (where available). Continue."

4. Fill out your details and credit card details.

5.  Review donation and continue then submit.

NOTE:  There have been some issues with some countries paying by credit card advising that settings are only available for county instead of State for their country. This is because your own country settings have not loaded.  To rectify this, choose any other country from the drop down list, wait for those settings to load, then choose your own country again, and hopefully your country settings then should correctly load so you should have State instead of County). 

2.  Donate with a regular monthly donation   

NOTE:  If you would like to sponsor a dog or cat monthly, please do not donate through the above button, and go instead to our Sponsor Page 

Subscriptions will run until cancelled. 

 Urgent Appeal -  Save our Shelter - RSDR Renovation Campaign



URGENT APPEAL - RSDR is urgently seeking your help to save our shelter and the street dogs & cats of Bulgaria.

Our latest adoption transport that was full of adopted animals has been cancelled.  A new ruling has passed in Bulgaria that animals from the streets can no longer be transported from registered charities unless they are also from a registered shelter. The RSDR shelter still needs to be renovated before it can be registered, so we are unable to produce the export certificates our animals need to go to their new homes.

There are thousands of animals in the streets that are suffering and needing our help. RSDR has been vital to saving and adopting over 1500 animals to other countries since 2009.

This effects the plight and future of street animals in Bulgaria as we will no longer be able to take in any that may desperately need help, with the shelter full and renovations needing to be done.

PRESS HERE - To visit our Shelter Renovations Page for more details 

Bank Transfer

RSDR accept donations by Direct deposit to the Bulgarian, UK and Dutch bank.  

  1. Bulgarian Bank account:  
    Bank:  DSK Bank
    Account Name:  Rudozem Street Dog Rescue Bank
    Bank Address: 4960, 4960 Rudozem, 11 Han Asparuh Str, Bulgaria
    IBAN   BG55STSA93000016929092 
    (Can donate in any currency as it will be converted to Bulgarian Levs)

  2. UK Bank Account 
    Bank:  The Co-operative Bank
    Account Name:  RSDR Adopt
    Sort Code: 089299
    Account Number: 65668283
    Currency in Pounds

  3. Dutch Bank Account
    If you would like to donate through a dutch bank account, you can go through Diane Beijer  and reference RSDR.  
    Bank: ING Bank
    Account Number: 
    Name:  Diane Beijer, Amsterdam
    Currency in Euros

    Please be aware your bank may charge you a fee for international transfers.  Please email
    [email protected] if you have made a donation by direct deposit.  

Cheques / Money Orders

We do accept payments by cheque or Money Order to our UK bank only in the currency pounds.  

If outside of the UK, please ensure your cheque or money order is an "International Cheque or Money Order", which you can get issued from your bank or post office.

If you would like to donate this way, please email for the postal address.  We do not publish this information online, as it's team members private residence.

Cash Donations

RSDR will only accept cash donations in person, with authorised persons on the RSDR Team that hold an Authorisation letter or persons fundraising that have authorised permission

RSDR will not accept cash donations by Post as being a valid donation.  Cash sent through post is at the persons risk, and will not be considered a valid donation by RSDR.

How can you help?


Please have a look on our Adoption Page and see all our dogs and cats that are looking for loving homes 


We are looking for foster carers for our dogs and cats as standby for emergencies throughout the UK, or Netherlands.  If you are interested in helping RSDR by fostering, please fill out the Foster Application form here

Send us a Parcel

Can you send us a care package of much needed items to help our dogs: flea, worming treatments, blankets, toys, collars, leads etc. Have a look at our “Wish List” for the items we need.  Please email [email protected] for address direct to the shelter in Bulgaria.  You can view photos of all parcels/gifts to the shelter on our facebook album here

Wish List   

  • Advocate or Stronghold pippettes (for small and medium dogs) 
  • Any tick / flea pippettes mainly for small and medium dogs
  • Multi worming treatments, especially palatable wormers
  • Antibiotics
  • Toys
  • Blankets and towels. 
  • Old sheets and duvet covers to make crocheted dog beds with
  • Collars- small and medium
  • Non-slip leads
  • Teats and chews

Amazon Wishlist

RSDR have a Wish List on for those that would prefer to send a parcel this way.  
If you have an Amazon account, login to Amazon UK, and press on the below link.  Any of the items purchased on the RSDR Wish List, will be sent directly to RSDR.  

Wish List - Direct to Bulgaria.  These Items will go direct to Bulgaria.  (This list may sometimes be empty - depending on availability and if sellers will post to Bulgaria)

If you are ordering from our Amazon Wishlist.  Please send a copy of your invoice to [email protected] so we know what you are sending.  
Amazon does not display  who has sent what items, unless you are able to fill out the free personalised gift message option.   


- Due to adoptions now being on hold, items cannot be collected from the UK Collection Point or the NL Collection point, so we ask if you can post your items direct to Bulgaria.

To see if your item has been received  -  Please check on our Facebook Gift Album


  • Hold a stall, participate in a fun run, shave your head, bake a cake.   If you would like to help raise funds for RSDR, fill out a form on our Fundraising page.  
  • Facebook Auction:   Buy or sell items on our online Facebook Auction 
  • Do your shopping through Easyfundraising, and up to 15% of your purchases will be donated to RSDR.  Shop at 

Shop Online

Social Media

Check our home page for links to our social media with facebook, twitter and more!!  for regular updates and don't forget to invite all your friends & family!


Can you help feed one of our dogs/cats for 10 euros a month, please visit our Sponsor Page

Spread the word

Spread the Word:   Tell Everyone, Everywhere! Let all your friends know about RSDR in e-mails, in Blogs and Websites and in conversations.   Download posters & brochures at our downloads page



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