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May 2013 Newsletter and update on Luke

Posted on June 1, 2013 at 2:30 PM

The May 2013 Newsletter is now available on the website.  Press on the below photo.

Update from Diane on Facebook about Luke - 1 June 2013

I have managed to get to the shelter this evening and this is the first time I have been online in a week. Sorry I haven’t replied to any e mails or messages or thanked anyone for donations but my laptop isn’t connected to the internet at the house yet. Once it is I will be back online and try and catch up with things.

I have stayed with Luke since he had a Grand mal fit last Saturday. It was very scarey as he didn’t regain consciousness for twenty minutes and then the doctors told us he had suffered a minor heart attack. He has seen a neurologist and the cardiologist several times during the past week and he thinks it was a combination of different painkillers that triggered it and the fact that he hadn’t slept for several nights. He has put him on tablets for now but hopes to bring him off them soon and doesn’t think there is any permanent damage. On Tuesday he goes to hospital for an EEG.

He still has to take things very easy as he gets tired very quickly and feels his heart racing.

He had the fit in the car with Kerry and Kosta after they were leaving Tony’s birthday BBQ. Luckily Sam and Carmel were right behind them so Carmel got out and helped Kerry and Sam rushed back to get us. Luke didn’t have a clue what had happened and when he came round at the roadside he thought he had been in a crash. He was rushed by ambulance to Rudozem hospital and then on to Smolian hospital. He was still very confused at Smolian hospital and kept saying he wanted to leave. We had an argument with the nurses and doctor on duty when they said they weren’t going to treat him if he wanted to leave and he could just go. Kerry explained to them that he was scared and confused and that we had calmed him down and he understood that he needed to stay but they still refused him treatment. We had to take him by car back to Rudozem with a drip still attached and tell them what had happened. The staff there were great. We will putting in a complaint about the staff on duty at smolian.

Thank you to everyone for your wishes and blessings for Luke.

Diane. x

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