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Rescue of pups from near Smolian hospital

Posted on January 25, 2013 at 9:05 AM

We have just got back from a particularly difficult rescue. Last week we were contacted by quite a few people about a mother dog and her 8 pups that were near the hospital in Smolian. We had explained that we had no room for them but for the past few days we have been trying to integrate two pens of dogs to make room for them. Our other concern was that we have recently lost pups with an infection and not having an isolation area, we didn't want to risk any new pups catching the infection. However it has been said by other people that the pups face certain death where they are and better that they come to the shelter.

This morning I had another e mail from someone saying that one of the pups had been hit by a car. The driver could see the pup but made no attempt to avoid it. It did get up and join the rest of the pups in their hiding place. Originally there were 8 pups but over the last few days one has gone missing. We did find one dead pup in like a concrete pit so we are presuming that is the missing pup.

When we arrived the pups were out of their hiding place but we only managed to catch one before they disappeared down a hole into an underground tunnel. Whilst waiting to see if any came back out, Tony heard a pup crying from another area. The whole area is a mass of drains and underground pipes and tunnels which made it very dangerous. We were met there by Julian and Savvina who had e mailed earlier today. We all followed the sound of the crying pup and Julian traced it to an 8 foot drainage hole in the ground. There was no way of getting the pup out without going into the hole which is what Julien did. Luckily the pup didn’t run off down one of the tunnels and he managed to get her and pass her up to Tony. Tony then had to help Julien up as only his outstretched hands reached above ground.

Once we had put the little girl pup with her brother in the cage, we turned our attention back to getting the other pups. Unfortunately they wouldn’t come out so Tony had to climb through the narrow entrance hole into a very cramped underground tunnel which had metal rods sticking out in various places. Julien lay down with just his legs sticking out and Tony passed pups to him and then he passed them out. It was made more difficult by the fact that the pups were so scared and trying to bite.

Once we had all the pups we looked for mum. She has been spending less time with her pups and not always feeding them when she did go back to see them. We eventually found her but she was very nervous and untrusting. She did go to a lady who owned a nearby shop and Tony managed to then get a lead on her. She totally freaked out and was trying to bite and all but chewed through the lead. We had to let her go as there was no chance of us managing to get her in the car without upsetting her more and someone getting badly bitten. We don’t like leaving the mother dogs behind but sometimes there is no option and if we didn’t take the pups, they wouldn’t survive. The seven pups are now back at the shelter.



A big thank you to Savvina and Julien who met us there and also to Nikola who had first emailed me about the mum pups and is in contact to see how they are and to the doctor from the hospital who phoned Kerry about them.

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