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Posted on January 3, 2013 at 10:30 AM

At the moment we are being visited by the lovely Erin Parks from Canada who is doing a video documentary. Today we went to Smolian and we were showing Erin the many dogs on the streets. It was heartbreaking that we couldn't bring them all back and for some all we could do was feed them. One large black and white male dog was following me about thinking he had found a friend and someone to feed him. We just don't have anywhere that we could put an adult male so I had to ask Tony to put more food down for him to distract him while I walked away which was a difficult thing to do.

We saw one young girl lay down at the side of a busy road in some leaves. I went to see that she was ok and give her some food but she was more interested in affection than food. Being a young girl she typically wanted to play and was mouthing and gently chewing at me. It is always worrying when young dogs on the streets do this as you just know that they will be accused of biting by someone who doesn't speak dog language. We discussed it and decided that we could try her in a pen with dogs we have of a similar age so we brought her back to the shelter. she has now been named Cecilia by Jane Summerfield.

We saw a young pup lay down near a shop. She was wearing a collar but was wandering about following other street dogs and then started following Tony. We were worried for her safety when she tried crossing a busy road. We went back to the shop where we had originally seen her and asked if they knew who she belonged to. They told us she had been dumped there weeks ago and to take her otherwise she would be killed. On the way back to the shelter, we stopped in rudozem and tony went in the shop whilst i was feeding some of the street cats. When he came out of the shop he was stopped by the police. Seeing four policemen and two other men I went over to see what was going on. Apparently the pup with the collar had belonged to someone and she had escaped. The man had come from smolian to find us. Although we were concerned that the pup was on the streets when we found her, we were really pleased that he had her vaccination records with him and medication that she was on and that he had bothered driving to Rudozem to find her. It was all sorted out very amicably and the man has our card so that if ever he can't care for her he knows where to bring her.

Cecilia, the pup we brought back to the shelter.

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